kale + cranberry turkey stuffed acorn squash

This past week was full of 40 degree days, cloudy skies, and drizzling rain. You know the kind of weather that makes you want to throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and lay on the couch all day?

Well, that’s exactly what I did this past Saturday. I tidied up my home, caught up on some school work, and watched a couple movies wearing my favorite pair of PJs. The last two weekends have been fabulous traveling to Chicago and Nashville, but it’s great to finally be home.

Being home means cooking in which means having a pantry and fridge full of ingredients which means one big grocery shopping trip. I don’t mind grocery shopping though. In fact, I am one of those weird people that go to the grocery store as a hobby.


This past week the deals were incredible at my local grocery store. Winter squashes were on sale for 77 cents per pound! I bought one of each: a spaghetti, a butternut, and an acorn. How could I not? Another fun find was at the meat counter: in-house made cranberry turkey sausage links. How Thanksgiving, right? I immediately thought of so many potential dinner ideas. And this is the one that struck my fancy the most!

stuffed acorn-2

Click here for to download kale + cranberry turkey stuffed acorn squash recipe card!


*You don’t have to travel to the meat counter to find fun flavored sausages! For this recipe, try finding a sausage that incorporates savory and sweet. Chicken + apple, turkey + cranberry, beef + blueberry, ect.


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