how to cut carbs for your best body

Swimsuit season is right around the corner.
Here’s a quick how-to cut carbs for your best body.

First of all, you shouldn’t. Cutting carbs will do nothing but make you a less nice version of yourself. And second of all, your best body is the one that you don’t undernourish or over exercise. Your best body is that one that you enjoy taking care of, not anxious to change. Your best body is the one where you feel peace.

your best body is the one that you don't undernourish or over exercise. your best body is that one that you enjoy taking care of, not anxious to change. your best body is the one where you feel peace..png

Carbohydrates are the body’s main and preferred source of fuel. In fact, glucose, a simple carbohydrate, is normally the only source of fuel your brain can use. Glucose circulates in the blood, meaning it is carried to every cell in your body, meaning every single cell is powered by glucose, meaning that carbohydrates aren’t really something you can afford to just “cut out” of your diet.


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.16.26 PM
potato + green bean pizza from SimBIOsi in Florence. How could carbs be bad when this pizza is SO good + nourishing?


But, won’t carbs make me kind of fat? Carbs don’t make you anymore “fat” than protein or fat could. Eating too many calories will lead to energy storage aka weight gain. It doesn’t matter if the calorie came from carbs, protein, fat, or alcohol. Carbohydrates in themselves cannot cause weight gain, it is sugar or carbohydrates in excess that causes weight gain.

Well, how will I know if I am eating excess carbs or too little carbs? The recommendation is that about 50% of our daily calorie intakes should come from carbohydrates. I am not for carb counting nor calorie counting, so I personally just pay attention to how my body feels. When I used to restrict my carbs, I would have massive headaches and fatigue and good Lord I was moody. When I would overeat carbs, I would feel nauseous, burpy, and bloated. Listen to your body cues. Because if you don’t eat carbs now, you will without a doubt overeat them later.

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Carbohydrates are so important, they fuel our entire body to do incredible things. The human body can run marathons, invent rocketships, build skyscrapers, and recreate life. It’s truly amazing what we are capable of when we give our body what it needs. No one has gone down in history for being the best at cutting carbs and having a flat stomach.

Stop working toward your best body by cutting carbs or whatever diet you are currently on.
Start working toward your best body by nourishing it and moving it in ways that feel good. Start working toward body peace.


One thought on “how to cut carbs for your best body

  1. Here I sat reading your post on carbs and enjoying a nice stack of Kodiak cakes!!! I’m thankful that your post didn’t say that the carbs are horrible for me. Did I enjoy all those carbs??? OH YEH !!! I am catching up on business today and I have an envelope ready to tuck your sorority dues into. I think I will get it to the P.O. this aft. The wind has picked up since noon, so I guess our cold front really is coming through. Have a good w/end. Love you!


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