the greatest chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever have


Yup, you read that right. This cookie (and its dough, if you’re a daredevil like me and risk the salmonella) is guaranteed to rock your world. It’s my tried and true, my favorite, and my formerly secretive recipe. It’s my recipe my dad asks me NOT to make so he doesn’t feel compelled to eat all two dozen. It’s my recipe I make for all friend gatherings and Superbowl parties. It’s my recipe I love the most.


Last night, I doubled this batch of cookies. I wanted to make my dad some for father’s day (hint hint, it’s this Sunday) and for my boyfriend’s family as a thank you for my lovely graduation present.

And I sure am glad I doubled the recipe because I ate two for breakfast! At this point, I am hoping the cookies even make it to Raleigh and Memphis!


What makes this chocolate chip recipe special is the browned butter, the extra egg yolk, and the cornstarch. The browned butter adds a depth of flavor to the cookies. The extra egg yolk adds softness and richness. And the cornstarch also adds more softness. Refrigerating the cookie dough is to solidify the fats from the butter and eggs. This prevents so much spreading while the cookie is baking, creating a thicker cookie.

Two dozen is a lot of cookies. I am a pretty good sharer, so I make the whole batch and give some to friends. You can also freeze the cookie dough balls! That way you can have a homemade cookie any day you want without all the baking and clean up. Or, you could just eat more cookie dough…problem solved.

Download the recipe card for my chocolate chip cookies here!

chocolate chip cookies

What are you waiting for? Pull out your mixer and measuring cups and get to baking! And when you get to the last one…do it all over again 😉


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