caprese stuffed chicken

At least once a day I reminisce about my trip to Italy 2 years ago. Yes, it was just that magical. Every day was filled with gelato and Tuscan wine. And most days included a simple, yet mindblowing, Margherita pizza. I was truly living THE dream.


In Spain, I recently tried pan con tomate, bread with tomato. As underwhelming as it sounds, it was one of my favorite things I ate on the entire trip! It’s a piece of toast that’s rubbed with garlic and anchovy EVOO and then soaked in tomato puree. Nothing beats the flavor of a summertime, Meditteranean tomato. While I was in Madrid, I also got to try out a mozzarella booth at the market. BIG fan of basing an entire meal off of cheese.IMG_9799

And so I did just that once I got back to the states! I was already having creamy mozzarella and juicy tomato withdrawals in a matter of days. Chicken breast was on an amazing sale at Lucky’s and the cafe I work at has a huge herb garden with an overflowing basil plant. This dinner idea just kinda fell into my lap!


Sometimes I personally get weird with tomatoes’ texture. I found that cutting out the more slimy and seedy part of the tomato helps!


This recipe is perfect for a weeknight, or really any night. It’s a quick, simple dinner that takes little prep and delivers loads of flavor.

caprese chicken.png

You can download caprese stuffed chicken recipe card here for this delicious and quick chicken dinner!


This chicken goes great with angel hair spaghetti, garlic sauteed asparagus, roasted mushrooms, a salad kit, or buttered toast.


I hope this fresh and tasty stuffed caprese chicken recipe finds its way into your kitchen. Happy almost weekend!!

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