to my girls off to college

Ahhhhh!! I am so excited for you.

So excited that I made this 9 page guide to give your the basics on food, exercise, and body image as you start this new season of your life.

Going into my freshman year, all things food felt really overwhelming. I am really proud of my younger self for sharing this with my mom who got me re-set up with my dietitian from several years back. This guide, while it has great trips and information, also has questions to consider that I hope prompt honesty. What I mean by that, is if these questions feel uncomfortable or hard to answer, perhaps it is time to reach out for help. Trust me, getting help in your relationship with food is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you are interested in starting nutrition counseling or wanting to explore Intuitive Eating, go here for more information.

If you aren’t already a subscriber to my blog, go ahead and enter your email. I promise I won’t spam you, you’ll get an email every time I publish a blog post which is on average less than once a month LOL. From there, confirm your subscription and receive a copy of my College Girl’s Guide!

Have the time of your life!! I cannot wait to hear about it, I will be thinking of you and rooting for you.

With all my love, Caroline

4 thoughts on “to my girls off to college

  1. Hi,
    I would love to be able to read your College Girl’s Guide and I have subscribed but never received a copy and I am not able to access it anywhere.


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