Nutrition Counseling + Coaching

Using a weight-inclusive and Intuitive Eating approach, in a healing and nurturing environment, we’ll explore the beliefs, habits, and experiences you have had around food, body image, and exercise. Making sense of all the confusing messages, you’ll walk away with tangible tools and encouragement to actively grow a nourishing and peaceful relationship with you food and body.

I am currently accepting clients at Murray Nutrition. I am available to see clients both virtually and in-person.

Intuitive Eating Group

Now offering a 6-week virtual Intuitive Eating Group! This support group is perfect step toward finding food freedom, ditching diets forever, and building community with others who are starting their Intuitive Eating journey – just like you! Topics include: introduction to Intuitive Eating, rejecting the diet mentality, exploring emotional eating, recognizing hunger and fullness, and making peace with food.

Food Freedom + Body Peace Courses

Coming soon!

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