so glad you’re here.

there’s so much diet talk and body comparison everywhere, opting out can feel lonely. pursuing food freedom and body peace is so, so good though. this blog exists to encourage you, connect with you, and empower you to seek out the goodness that comes from a life without disordered eating. let’s do this thing together.


life without compulsive exercise

Years later, I am still resting and learning to live in my body. There’s nothing about compulsive exercise that is healthy. I used to use my body, but it […]

to my girls off to college

Ahhhhh!! I am so excited for you. So excited that I made this 9 page guide to give your the basics on food, exercise, and body image as you […]

some days I don’t eat any vegetables

Just like somedays I don’t eat any “sweets.” What was your first reaction to that – a hint of celebration when a day passes by without dessert or a […]

finding relief from hard body image

This past month, Jared and I moved, drove 1783 miles across the southeast to celebrate and spend time with friends and family, packed and unpacked a 3 bedroom home, […]

Pandemic Body Changes

Our whole world changed this past year. Why would it not be okay if our bodies changed too? I think on a day-to-day basis, we lose sight of how […]

life changes, and so do bodies

What’s your food and body and exercise autobiography? Any client of mine has been asked this question – and for good reason. Growing up in this world we collect […]


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