nutrition counseling

for adolescents and teens ages 10 & up experiencing eating disorders

in nashville, tennessee

"with early intervention & excellent care, adolescents can make a full, lasting psychological and physical recovery from their eating disorder."

We will start all together - parents, child, and dietitian. For the first half of session, we will discuss current eating disorder behaviors, onset of illness, and get to know your family's unique needs. The second half of session, we will go over the basics of modified Family-Based Therapy (FBT), the gold standard modality for treating adolescents and set meal plan goals to start that day.

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initial Family nutrition counseling session

75 min  |  $215 - 250

Follow UP sessionS

50 min  |  $145 - 170

We will split sessions between parents and child. While meeting with parents, we will review how the meal plan is going (and adjust as needed per weight goals) and I will provide coaching around common situations that come up during FBT. In my time with your child, I will provide both nutrition education and counseling tools so that they feel better equipped at home to tackle their eating disorder behaviors and challenge those pesky eating disorder thoughts.

When your child develops an eating disorder or disordered eating, it is like an uninvited intruder stepped into your home and will not leave. If you are struggling to recognize your child or teen, it's because the ED took over. And now it's time to fight back! It is your family (and treatment team!) against the eating disorder!

nourishing and coaching a child through eating disorder recovery comes with many challenges.

1: Weight Restoration & Medical Stability
With dietitian support and guidance, parents take over 100% of all grocery shopping, meal prep, and meal plating while holding strong boundaries and expectations for meal & snack completion. 

2: Returning Autonomy with Food  to the Adolescent.
Here the child will work more with the dietitian to take ownership in their own relationship with food and practice more flexibility and spontaneity with food.

 3: Establishing Healthy Adolescent Identity
Now that your child is free from the eating disorder, we will focus on relapse prevention where we can dig deeper into Intuitive Eating, values work, and body image work to build their confidence in their relationship with food and self.

3 stages of fbt

treatment overview

We'll be here for each of them!

Providing encouragement and offering hope that this scary, hard season will pass an full healing is on the horizon

Deciding an appropriate amount of exercise for your child and how to handle sports commitments

Managing any and all negotiations the eating disorder attempts

Co regulating tips and emotional coaching for the big feelings that are bound to come up

Setting boundaries with food hiding and sneaking, purging, secret exercise, and more

Figuring out how much nutrition your child needs, how to fit it into a meal plan, and how to time all meals and snacks

Here's how I support you in doing so:

growing up should be sweet. let's tackle this eating disorder so your child can get back to being a kid.

"From our first visit with Caroline I went from fear to hope. With the help of Caroline, we were able to get our daughter back to a healthy weight and with a positive outlook of food and her future. Caroline also helped us, as parents, get through this tricky journey. She was calm, compassionate and always encouraging. Caroline has an immense knowledge of disordered eating and a network of other providers in this area who can step in and help. We would not be where we are today if it had not been for Caroline."

-Family nutrition counseling client

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