you're meant to be here

like right here, right now!

I know this because I think there may be part of you that knows deep down you are struggling to keep it all together with racing food thoughts, endless food rules, and constant self criticism....

And I'd like to hold space for that part of you right here on my blog.

My favorite quote is an old Swedish proverb that says, "joy shared, joy doubled; sorrow shared, sorrow halved." So linger a while here and let's double some joy and halve some sorrow.

how anxiety shows up as food intolerance

Food intolerance is often over diagnosed while food anxiety is overlooked. We somatically experience food intolerances the same way we experience symptoms of anxiety. Emotions are powerful. They shape our experiences, drive us to respond and react, and viscerally show up – that’s how we know they are there. While emotions start in the brain, […]

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eating disorder recovery