if you have to cheat, then break up

  1. Hannah Turnbull says:

    Caroline, I love this post! Especially where you give an activity at the end to help people reflect on their thoughts around food. Keep up the amazing and important work!

  2. […] They can be so refreshing and exciting! But I think it’s important to point out that a healthy eating pattern shouldn’t cause you to “cheat.” So if that is how you feel, we should look at your current nutrition […]

  3. […] Any client of mine has been asked this question – and for good reason. Growing up in this world we collect messages and experiences, like putting coins in a piggy bank, ultimately setting the stage and writing the script for how to perceive and respond to life. Naturally, many messages and experiences we receive, especially around food, body, and exercise, are saturated with diet culture propaganda. […]

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