you're meant to be here

like right here, right now!

I know this because I think there may be part of you that knows deep down you are struggling to keep it all together with racing food thoughts, endless food rules, and constant self criticism....

And I'd like to hold space for that part of you right here on my blog.

My favorite quote is an old Swedish proverb that says, "joy shared, joy doubled; sorrow shared, sorrow halved." So linger a while here and let's double some joy and halve some sorrow.

“don’t say that about my friend”

I have so many brilliant women in my life. And each of these women is different from one another. They have their own life experiences that have formed and shaped them into who they are together. And although each is beautifully unique, there is one consistent behavior of just about every woman I have ever […]

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my 1st FNCE experience

My heart & belly are full as I head back to Columbia, MO, after my first FNCE in Chicago. FNCE is the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo where thousands of dietitians gather. The conference side is full of discussions about science, public health and policy, and leadership skills. Of course, the exposition side was […]

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creamy chicken tex-mex chili

It’s time for a reunion with my crockpot – the temperature is starting to drop and my workload is picking up. Crockpots are so great because they are low maintenance. There is something so pleasant knowing that after a long day of classes and work I can come home to an already made dinner. On […]

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do I want to be healthy or be skinny?

Go ahead and look inward and ask yourself:┬áDo I want to be healthy or be skinny? Personally, I can’t remember a time in my own life where I would have answered that I would genuinely rather be healthy than be skinny up until 2 years ago. It was music to my ears when someone told […]

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