I hadn’t even discharged from my outpatient eating disorder treatment as an adolescent before I knew that I wanted to be an eating disorder dietitian. I have experience first-hand what it’s like to a) have an eating disorder b) go to treatment for an eating disorder c) relapse from said eating disorder 4 years later and d) fully recover. The relationship, guidance, and support I received from my dietitian was so powerful and meaningful. Now I get to do the same.

Born in Columbia, I headed back at age 18 to attend The University of Missouri where I was one of fifteen accepted into their Coordinated Program in Dietetics. There, I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. During my time at Mizzou, I was an intern for Mizzou’s Athletic Program where she provided nutrition education and created meal plans for their D-1 athletes. My dietetic program required and provided zero training and education on eating disorders. However, during my last semester I advocated for the opportunity to intern at the McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment center in St. Louis. I spent over a month there and learned SO much. I observed and participated in the nutritional care of residential, PHP, and IOP levels of care. The McCallum Place is also home to the Victory Program, a specialized treatment program for athletes overcoming their eating disorders. My experiences here shape how I practice with my clients to this day. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for that experience!!

After graduation, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee, and joined Memphis Nutrition Group, a private practice that specializes in the treatment of disordered eating. Very grateful to have learned so much from both Angie Wallick and Blair Mize. In my first year as a dietitian, I became Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, receiving supervision from Evelyn Tribole herself (it was so cool!!).

Then in the spring of 2021, Emily Murray reached out to gauge my interest in moving to Nashville to join Murray Nutrition. Flattered and honored, but so shocked I said not right now. I hadn’t even talked to Jared giving her that answer – I just figured as brand-spankin-newlyweds, we wouldn’t be up for a move. I told Jared and he told me I was crazy. Many prayers and God-opened-doors later, we moved to Nashville in April 2021 and I joined the Murray Nutrition Team. And what a blessing it has been. I see about 20-25 clients every week, host Intuitive Eating Groups, sit on the iaedp Nashville board, and just love the Nashville ED community. I have the best clients and it is my delight and privilege to sit with them each & every day.