life changes, and so do bodies

  1. Nina Fazio says:

    As usual, this post is spot on. As I glide into my 70s, I’ve come to curse gravity. Everything is drooping. I resent losing the company and comfort of some foods that now betray me (like eggs). I resent the payback for eating chocolate chip cookies. Throttle back on these I shall, because my body is changing whether I like it or not. But I ALWAYS gain comfort from your non-dieting advice. Thank you for the joy you bring.

    • Hi Nina!! I am so glad that you find comfort in my posts. It can be very uncomfortable and hard to experience a changing body. That is frustrating to not be able to find joy in the same foods anymore. Thank you for sharing all this — I hope you’re able to other find foods that honor and satisfy your body. Take care!!

  2. […] In this post, I talk about when life changes so do our bodies. In all that has changed this year, can you find an inkling of compassion for yourself? Where there is compassion, shame cannot grow. In all that has changed this year, can you validate how hard it was? Where there is understanding, shame cannot thrive. […]

  3. This is the post I needed! I am almost 3 months into ED recovery and recovery from surgery. My body has changed SO MUCH since last year. I have been working on accepting my body vs. loving my body. 🙂 xx

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